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Design Services
Our layout department can work with your digital files, provide full design of your job or anything in-between. Before submitting files please refer to our Preflight Checklist. We can color-correct digital photos, do photo retouching and image manipulation or scan all your object art.
When we design / layout, we welcome either your digital photography or your scans on CD. Interim design proofs are sent via email as PDF attachments.

On payment of final invoice, we are happy to provide your files digitally to you for archival. We know our pricing, customer service and quality printing will keep you coming back so we won't hold your files hostage after we have completed the job.

Call 276-356-5509 for a free consultation
Digital File Submissions
Our well-equipped electronic prepress department can handle files generated from either Mac or Windows systems. Please refer to our Preflight Checklist and use the following guidelines when submitting your digital files:
  1. Native Files: This is our preferred format for most programs. We can output files from CorelDraw, PageMaker, Quark, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop or Freehand from either system. For these programs include a copy of all fonts and linked images used in the document. It is a good idea to include a copy of any embedded image in case changes are needed. Mcgrafx can also output from many other Macintosh and Windows-based programs not normally used for page design. Please contact us for instructions on other programs.

  2. High-res PDF Files: Make sure that you do not use OPI links or your images will not print as intended, if at all. All fonts should be embedded in the document. Do not use image or text compression. If there are bleeds on the document, add 1/2" to the height and width of your document size when creating the pdf. When submitting files by this method, we cannot make modifications, no matter how minor, and your job may be delayed while we wait for you to submit revised files.

  3. Digital Photos: Scanned images should be at least 300-350 dpi at 100% of the size you are printing them. Digital cameras should be a MINIMUM of 2.3 megapixel for use. A four megapixel camera is preferred.

  4. Trapping: Our state-of-the-art equipment will automatically trap each job as it is output to film. In most cases this trapping will override any manual trapping you have used. If you are using special trapping effects, please notify us BEFORE proofs are output so we may turn our trapping off when we process your job.

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