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  1. Check all files for compatability of PMS color names. Be aware that PMS colors have different names in different applications and when placing an image in a page layout program the names must match EXACTLY.
  2. If job is ALL 4 color process (cmyk), be sure to set dialog boxes to represent that fact. All images must be converted from RGB to CMYK.
  3. PREFERRED submission is a Document Layout Program with LINKED images. The industry preferred configuration is QuarkXpress, Pagemaker and linked PhotoShop images. If other than this configuration, call to review your approach.
  4. Copy your FINAL document file, FINAL images and ALL fonts used on this particular job, placed in a folder titled "myjobfonts", to your transportable media. The media preference is CD-R or Zip Disk. Do NOT include EXTRA anything, including fonts.
  5. Do not stylize fonts. Imagesetters, unlike your office printer, cannot see stylized fonts. Do not use System Fonts.
  6. Once you have made your transportable media, OPEN the job from the media and check to ensure that the job opens, that all images link and that all fonts link. If anything is missing, reaccomplish your work and this checklist item.
  7. Print a laser copy of your project. REVIEW THAT COPY and include it with your submission. We will use that visual as a representation of how your files and our proofs back to you should look.
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