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Job Specific Information
Before laying out any job, please refer to our Preflight Checklist to assure your set-up will provide the best output possible.
  • Calendars
    Our standard calendar size is 12" x 12", single hole drill, 4 color bleed throughout. We also quote other custom sizes. 12 month calendars are configured as 24 Pages (80# gloss text) PLUS Cover (100# Gloss Cover). They usually INCLUDE 2 of our OPTIONS: Individual Shrinkwrapping with Chipboard Insert (a 30-35 mil thick insert placed in the middle of the calendar) and UV coating on the Outside Covers. UV is a very deep, bright shiny coating.
    The calendars pack in special boxes sized 12" x 12" x 7". If the shrink/insert option is chosen, each box has 60 calendars in it. Each box weighs about 33#.
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  • Booklets/Magazines/Annual Reports
    Our Saddle Stitched Books may be any size from 4 x 9 to 8.5 x11 and even larger. If you have something really different in mind, let's discuss it. Booklets may be Self Cover, where the cover and text pages are the same material. Or they may be Plus Cover, where the cover is a different material from the text.
    Packing is in standard boxes, usually stacked on skids and shrink wrapped to the skid. We normally ship motor freight.

  • Brochures
    Brochures are NON-saddle Stitched folded sheets. We have the capability to run almost any size brochure and fold them in any way. Standard brochures are commonly 8.5 x 11, letter folded. Some are as large as 25.5 x 11, folded to 8.5 x 11 or even to letter size. Again, these products pack and ship in the same way as Saddle Stitched Booklets.

  • Presentation Folders
    Our Custom Folders are manufactured with the fine detail of nicely Scored Folds and Die Cut Tabs (also scored) folded-in and glued. The finished product is exceptionally nice and makes a good impression on those receiving your information. We have flexibility in pocket depth and placement and you may have Die Cut Business Card Slits at no additional charge - even on both pockets.
    Presentation Folders are boxed after they have been converted and folded to final size.

  • Sales Sheets
    Attractive Sales Sheets enhance any presentation folder and are useful for many other purposes. We produce sales sheets in small or large quantities. There is not any limit on the varying sizes you may print; custom sizes are welcome.

  • Posters/Art Prints
    Our standard sizes for these two items are 17x22, 18 x 24, 24 x 36 and 25 x 38. We stock special shipping boxes for these 3 sizes. Each box holds about 150 - 200 pieces depending on the paperweight chosen for the project. The boxes are then stacked on skids and shrink wrapped to the skid. This helps prevent any corner damage in transit and makes for great inventory control and storage.If you wish, you may specify Fad Resistant inks for Posters and Art Prints to guard against natural UV fading.
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  • Maps
    Maps are printed in many sizes. We request that you coordinate with us on your map design so that we may determine if there will be any folding problems before the map is printed. Like any other print project, this simply means that you should consider always consulting with us before finalizing any design.
    Maps may be printed on paper stocks or tear and water resistant synthetic stocks. Ask about these special plastic-like "paper." They are especially good for true outdoor-use maps.

  • Jigsaw Puzzle
    This 15 x 21.25 inch specialty item makes a wonderful project. Our Jigsaw Puzzles are outstanding as a fundraiser or marketing tool. The puzzles are normally die cut in 500 + pieces. Coming soon will be the 600 or 1000 piece Panoramic Puzzle.
    A finished puzzle includes placing the die-cut pieces in a tied plastic bag and then placing the bag into the container box. This box will have a custom-printed top to essentially match your puzzle design.
    We will design your custom puzzle and print it. Our Manufacturing Partner, Drescher Box, will then convert the printed press sheets to the final puzzle product and ship directly to you.
    We understand all the specifications for puzzle finishing. Our design department ensures that all tolerances are met before we release a puzzle for printing and conversion.
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